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MEDA With Vanilla – 16 Bars


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Pleasure of vanilla and the power of nature. Sweet energy bar for everyone that has a sweet tooth. A perfect morning snack.


Ingredients: dates, almonds, vanilla (0,2 %), salt.

Bars in a box: 16

Weight: 50 g x 16

Made in Lithuania

Keep in cool, dry place


*Underlined ingredients are allergens.

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Nutritional value (100g):

  • 350 kcal/1470 kJ
  • Fat 18 g, of which fatty acids 2 g
  • Carbohydrates 42 g of which sugars 18 g
  • Protein 9 g
  • Salt 0,2 g

Recommended calorie intake per day for an average adult person: 8400 kj/2000 kcal.

MEDA – a brand inspired by Lithuanian nature and woody groves that were portrayed in its folklore and by the sages in their magical old tales. This particular tale started from the forest goddess MEDA. We invite you to try the new flavor and go back to the mythical times.
MEDA – heavenly delicious.

Natural | Handmade | Gluten free | No added sugar | Milk free | Lactose free | Wheat free | Egg free | Yeast free | Preservative free | No colorings | Vegan | Made in Lithuania

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.