Tundra story

TUNDRA is a perfect snack not only for children to take with them to school but also for adults who want to satisfy their hunger without regret. This natural and delicious snack is a true energy load for every modern person on the Earth.
TUNDRA was born out of love for the family. My main concern is the welfare and health of my children but it is hard to accustom them to choose healthy and quality food, when there are so many temptations. Usually children’s favorite snacks, especially pupils’, are not nutritionally valuable. Researches show that while snacking children consume as many calories as there are in their regular dinner. Unfortunately, only the number of calories is the same and not the amount of nutrients.
Our little ones prefer snacks which are high in sugar and flour. As a result, the child does not get enough vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the growth of his organism. Sometimes even for us adults it is hard to push ourselves and choose vegetables, fruits, or nuts instead of sweets. It is even harder for the children whose main argument for choosing the snacks is the taste!

Only from natural products

TUNDRA bars are made only from natural products: buckwheat, which is grown in Lithuania, carefully selected nuts, dates and raisins, which make our bars sweet. So, there is no added sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Enjoy without regret

If you care about your body and good mood – TUNDRA is for you. It is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to eat healthier, wants to lose weight, or just to stay fit. TUNDRA is a natural and delicious snack for an active sportsman or a hard working person when there is a need to have a quick and healthy snack.
At the beginning I have said that TUNDRA is my fulfilled dream because it has a hidden message. I always wanted to visit tundra. Tundra is a wild, pure, stark nature oasis almost untouched by modern civilization and spontaneously filled with life. On the one hand, my dream came true, but on the other hand, in a slightly different way. I have not visited tundra yet, but both you and me can now hold TUNDRA in our hands.
We can enjoy a natural, healthy, balanced flavor snack, which provides both energy and joy, enriching the body with necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. TUNDRA bars are the first and only bars of this kind in Lithuania. I am glad that I have managed to reach my goal and to prove that healthy food can be delicious too. Today I can boldly say – you can try it!
I have been making this snack for my family, for myself, with love and good thoughts. Every single bar was created with the touch of human hand and heart warmth giving it its exceptional value. I invite you to taste and discover the extraordinary ranges of natural taste. Enjoy your Tundra and cheers!

With love, Silvija